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More than a School, an Extraordinary Community!

About Us

A Director, a Pedagogical Coordinator, a HR Department, a Communication Department, our full time teachers, our secretary, our finance administrative, an accountant, a lawyer and the cleaning ladies, are the ones who daily put all their efforts in the growth of Portuguese School, in permanent harmony with the philosophy of our culture of values.

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A message from the Director
A long time ago I had a dream, in 2011 this dream came true and became a company, then the baby that is now Portuguese School was born. Now this baby has 10 years of experience, more than 300 students worldwide, from more than 50 nationalities, a team carefully choosen from more than 300 applications received per open position, five starts rating in every platforms, and the expansion going on! I have chosen for our permanent team, people whose culture of values ​​fit into all the points of our culture of values, and still endowed with a sense of ethics and unequivocal respect, who deserve our trust and who honor their commitments in exclusivity, with dedication and effortlessly, being fun, engaging, trustworthy, honest, and kind in dealing with all the students and peers.
Grateful to all our Portuguese School's community, for making my dream come true!
Hugo Cerqueira Pissarra
Founding Director and C.O.O. 

Hugo Cerqueira Pissarra

Olá 🙂

My name is Daniela Cerqueira Pissarra and I am the pedagogical coordinator of Portuguese School. Proudly, I have taught portuguese as a foreign language, for more than 10 years now, to students from more than 40 nations, who learn portuguese for many purposes. I created the original Portuguese School’s own rigorous and fun teaching method. As an absolute passionate teacher nowadays I teach at least one student or group of each level (A1 to C2) because I also believe that the best way to inspire the teachers that we have carefully chosen for our team, is sharing with them my permanent experience. Daily I teach how to teach, I create new dynamics and pedagogical contents, from books to grammar, I speak to all our students and listen to their feedbacks, and I teach!

O entusiasmo da aprendizagem no aluno é o resultado de um professor apaixonado por ensinar.

Daniela Cerqueira Pissarra
Pedagogical Coordinator

Daniela Cerqueira Pissarra


Our Lessons

Our teaching method is completely different from what you are used to.

Using lots of different dynamics and taking advantage of the contact with the community, our students are prepared to face real life situations and to develop the language skills in a very effective way.


Our online lessons allow our students to learn worldwide, with different dynamics that make them forget they are not in a classroom.

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Face to Face 

In Lisbon or Ericeira, our face to face lessons happen inside and outside the classrooms. We value the contact with the community that allows our students to learn while facing real life situations.

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Group Lessons

Our group lessons are very dynamic and allow our students to meet other people and have fun learning together.

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Private Lessons

Our private lessons are carefully prepared with the students, bearing in mind their real needs and their objectives.

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Our students' testimonials speak for themselves.

As our Pedagogical Coordinator says:

"O entusiasmo da aprendizagem no aluno é o resultado de um professor apaixonado por ensinar."